Background Checks for Coaches / Volunteers

Background Checks

Because this is a new way for LYSA to obtain background checks and because you are required by LYSA policy to complete them, please go to this site and submit your information. Click here for background check website

This will allow all our background check data to be in one secure location. I have just completed mine and everything seems to be working.

Note the following:

1. You may elect to have LYSA pay for it or you may help us face this new financial burden (we anticipate it will cost $10,000 for the year) by paying for your own online.

2. You will be alerted to fields that need to be filled in, in case you miss them.

3. You will be required to do a mouse signature (drawing something in the appropriate box with the left button depressed) AND you will be required to click on viewing this signature before it will allow you to submit the background check request.

4. When you have successfully submitted the background check, you will receive a number.

Send me this number so that I know that you have completed your background check.

Thanks, Ed P

Ed Pavlik

Director of Coaching, Lexington Youth Soccer Association

859-223-8158; 859-323-1018 (fax);