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No TOPSoccer Scheduled for Fall 2021 and Spring 2022


We have continued to closely follow all of the information about Covid-19. We recognize that at this time many youth sports teams are planning to resume their activities. But after talking with those most closely involved with the program about logistical changes and concerns about Covid, we have decided to cancel the fall 2021 and spring 2022 seasons.

Plans are being formulated to restructure the TOPSoccer program as a fall only program beginning in 2022. TOPS leadership will work closely with KYSA, LYSA and the Regional TOPSoccer organization to develop a restructured program. Taking this break will allow us time to rethink and restart the program. We are revamping the field configuration,making plans to adjust the practice start and end times, developing on-line training for coaches and volunteers, and working closely with LYSA to involve their soccer teams as athlete buddies.

While we feel that restructuring is necessary in order to continue the program, we know the changes will provide a positive and meaningful experience for our athletes, their families, and our volunteers.

We are extremely disappointed that we had to cancel and really miss seeing everyone!



If you would like additional information about the guidelines for youth sports, please visit:

Governor's Office Guidelines

CDC Guidelines 

Kentucky Youth Soccer Guidelines

Region II Suggested Guidelines for TOPSoccer 

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